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When do Patients near Monkstown Need a Tooth Extraction?

It isn’t pleasant, but sometimes you need to have a tooth removed. There are numerous scenarios in which extraction will be necessary. Here are the most common offenders. Repair is not practical A tooth may have such extensive decay, or have been fractured in such an extreme manner, that extraction may be deemed more appropriate [...]

What Should Patients near Carrickmines do if They have an Accident and Knock Out, Chip or Fracture a Tooth

Any kind of damage to your teeth can feel like a nightmare scenario if you don’t know what treatments are available to you. Several varieties of procedure are available, each one being better suited to treating certain types of damage. Treating a chipped tooth We’ll start with the least severe of the three. In minor [...]

Looking After Your Teeth in the City of Dublin for Years of Smiles

Your teeth are different from the rest of your body, in that they cannot regenerate new material when damaged has occurred. If you break a bone or scrape your knee your body will repair the injury, creating new bone or skin to correct the damage. However, if dental enamel is worn, broken or damaged it [...]

What can Patients Near Stillorgan Treat with Anti wrinkle injections?

I can give you one answer you probably weren’t expecting: Teeth grinding. In a recent study, thirteen patients suffering from severe teeth grinding were treated with Anti wrinkle injections and the results indicate it may be an effective treatment. Much more research needs to be carried out, however, before this can be considered a proper [...]

The Different Types of Veneer for the Different Types of Patients near Leopardstown

Dental veneers, sometimes called false nails for the mouth, are thin shells of tooth coloured material, which are attached to the teeth to cover up any aesthetic ailments a patient near Leopardstown may suffer from, such as: Broken, damaged, discoloured and, to an extent, crooked teeth. They can also help cover up tooth gaps. Veneers [...]

Top Tips for Patients Near Deansgrange Wearing Fixed Braces

Braces are often, rather nastily, compared to train tracks, and, in a sense, braces are a bit like a train ride to some heavenly destination; it just takes a good while and you have to pass through a multitude of small nations, each with their own bureaucratic methods of nuisance, before you get there. Before [...]

Patients Near Monkstown have the Very Whitest Teeth with the Amazing Beyond ™ Pearl White ® Whitening toothpaste

We all know that dental hygiene is important, for several reasons. Cleaning and flossing teeth regularly helps stop tooth decay and thus helps prevent damage. Keeping a clean mouth helps prevent bad breath, and also helps teeth look their most brilliant and white, to ensure a bright smile you can be proud of flashing. However, [...]

Emergency Saturday Dentistry for Patients Near Foxrock at Cabinteely Dental Care

It goes without saying that taking care of our teeth is of vital importance. Without healthy, strong teeth, we cannot eat properly or speak correctly, not to mention the negative way unhealthy teeth affect our appearance. Yet no matter how much care we take of our teeth, accidents can still happen. Some of the worst [...]

Different Types of Mouthguard and What They do for Patients in South Dublin

Whether you’re a keen sports player or a mouth grinder, there is a mouthguard for you. Mouthguards can do a lot of good for a lot of people, but they come in a variety of styles that will suit some individuals more than others. Here, we will guide you through the various types available.  Nightguards [...]

Why Should Patients Near Foxrock Wear a Bonded Retainer After Braces Treatment?

Braces are hardly greeted positively, so wanting to rid your mouth of any additions post treatment is more than understandable! However, it is possible for the teeth to return to their original position, thus negating the entirety of your brace treatment. That is, unless retainers are used. What is a retainer? Put simply, a retainer [...]