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We all dread the day when we start to show signs of wrinkles. Whether this is around the eyes or mouth, it is a fact of ageing that the body will inevitably start to do this. But, for many, Anti wrinkle injections are the long awaited miracle cure that can make all the difference, featured in the press and spoken about by numerous famous celebrities, a treatment we are delighted to offer to patients here at Cabinteely Dental Care.

What are Anti wrinkle injections?

Giving you a face lift without requiring surgery, Anti wrinkle injections consist of a purified protein which is injected into areas around the face where lines may have appeared due to overactive use. There is no need to worry about recovery time, as Anti wrinkle treatments are nothing like the physical strain cosmetic surgery can place on the body. And yet, the results are fantastic.

How long does the Anti wrinkle treatment take?

Usually painless, a typical injection can take between ten and twenty minutes. This convenience means that you could possibly have treatment on your day off or even in your lunch break.

How long do the results last for?

On average, the effect of Anti wrinkle injections can be seen for up to three months. If you are planning on attending a special event or merely want a touch up, Anti wrinkle treatments can be a helping hand in giving you the look you have always wanted.

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By arranging an appointment with one of our highly trained members of staff here at Cabinteely Dental Care, you can find out more about the benefits of Anti wrinkle injections and discover how you can attain the 'wow factor'.

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