There are those out there who walk through life with perfectly formed teeth, never needing any form of treatment whatsoever. But for others not so lucky, even though they may work tirelessly to maintain a good level of oral hygiene, teeth can still require an extra helping hand. For those of us who do require that extra bit of help, one treatment that has become of great use in restoring functionality and comfort is fillings, able to provide a protective cover for your teeth against bacteria.

Composite fillings

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Unlike metallic fillings, which can be noticeable when a person smiles, white composite fillings are natural in colour and it would take a very sharp eye for them to become apparent. This type of filling has increased in popularity over the years, thanks to the natural cosmetic results promised.

Amalgam fillings

Made from metal, these silver fillings are strong and can withstand vast amounts of pressure put on the tooth, whether the person knows about it or not. Though they do not offer the same natural colour or tone of natural teeth, or composite fillings for that matter, amalgam fillings are nonetheless a sturdy treatment choice that will offer great protection for your teeth.

Cerec onlays

Cerec onlays are metal free which, unlike amalgam fillings, allows for the filling to blend in with the natural colour of your tooth. What's more, by using Cerec to create your onlays your treatment can be completed in a single appointment and you can leave the practice with a smile to be proud of.

Fissure sealants

With no colour of its own, fissure sealants are colourless liquids which are painted onto the part of the tooth at the back of your mouth which bites down. Fissure sealants are normally applied when the molar starts to appear in the mouth, with a second course used when milk teeth disappear and adult teeth become visible. This is done to prevent the onset of cavities, by forming a barrier where bacteria cannot gather.

If you and would like to learn more about the filling procedure, then please contact one of the team here at Cabinteely Dental Care today and learn more about this effective treatment.

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