Top Tips for Patients Near Deansgrange Wearing Fixed Braces

Braces are often, rather nastily, compared to train tracks, and, in a sense, braces are a bit like a train ride to some heavenly destination; it just takes a good while and you have to pass through a multitude of small nations, each with their own bureaucratic methods of nuisance, before you get there. Before this analogy gets a bit sidetracked, it’s important to focus on braces as being a means towards an incredibly desirable end, but you need to learn how to make a potentially uncomfortable journey as painless as possible. 

Foods to avoid

The dining cart of our metaphorical brace train will, sadly, have a limited menu. The main objective is to avoid anything that could loosen or break your brace. Apples, for instance, are fine provided you cut them first, but bagels and hard rolls are notorious for bending wires and loosening brackets. Bubble gum poses no major threat, but will be a real nuisance to clean up. Crunchy stuff like hard sweet, crisps and nuts are a no-go, but most meats should be fine, provided they’re not too tough and there is no threat of accidentally gnawing a bone. Pizza is fine, just not the crusts, and now would also be a good time to give up a few bad habits: Biting your nails or chewing on pencils won’t do much good to your brace. Avoid sugary and starchy foods where possible: Bacteria can feed on the sugar and starch, creating plaque and if you don’t keep your teeth clean while wearing braces your teeth can scar!


Cleaning your teeth while wearing braces shouldn’t be a daunting task for patients near Deansgrange. Brush your teeth three times a day with fluoride toothpaste, paying particular attention to where the gums and teeth meet.  At night, after brushing, do not rinse your mouth! This will leave some fluoride on your teeth and make them stronger. Purchasing Interdental brushes will also help with cleaning the brace itself as they can get around the brackets of a fixed brace.




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