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Your Teeth Will Thank You For Seeing One Of Our Hygienists Near Leopardstown

Prevention is better than cure in all walks of medicine and oral hygiene is the front line of defence against plaque, decay and infection regarding your pearly whites. Many people ask what the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist is and, hopefully, the little introduction here has given you some idea; dentists cover [...]

Which Patients Near Dun Laoghaire May Need A Bonded Retainer?

Who needs a bonded retainer? You need a bonded retainer! That is… if you’ve just finished orthodontic treatment. Braces have an unfair cultural stigma attached to them which most people are quite eager to leave behind. The problem is that following brace treatment some people are a little too eager and inadvertently end up causing a relapse [...]

The Different Fillings Available At Cabinteely Dental Care Near Deansgrange

Much like with the innards of a sandwich, a different variety of fillings are available. We are, of course, talking about dental fillings.After all, you are on a dental blog! A recap of what a filling is Before we start talking about variations, let’s make sure we’re on the same page regarding the basic theme: [...]

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work For Patients Near Carrickmines?

‘What is a root canal exactly?’ This is the question you might well be asking yourself right now. Well friend, firstly well have to explain a little bit about the make-up of the tooth itself: A tooth can be divided in to the ‘outer crown’ and the ‘inner root’ which tethers your tooth to your jawbone. These [...]

Little Patients Near Foxrock Learn The Importance Of Looking After Their Teeth

Baby teeth are not, as often thought, a chance for your child to ‘test the water’ with their oral health. Losing a baby tooth early can have a drastic impact on the formation and development of a child’s face. Letting a child skimp on their oral healthcare at young age can also lead to bad [...]

What Are The Different Types Of Bridges Available For Patients Near Dundrum?

A lot of people don’t like puns; one possible reason for this being that they expose the instability of language, how we aren’t quite as in control of communication as we might think. When writing an article on bridges, the temptation to pun to is almost irresistible. Given how stable dental bridges are, however, I [...]

The Advantages Of Clearstep Braces For Patients Near Stillorgan

The 18th century German writer and philosopher Novalis once wrote that: “We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.” Little did he know that this concept would be most clearly executed in the Clearstep brace! What is Clearstep and why would I use it? Perhaps referencing old poets doesn’t quite provided the clarity [...]

Inman Aligner Braces For Patients Near Monkstown

Sometimes excitement gets the best of us. Following years of orthodontic treatment, it is quite understandable that you might be a little loath to wear that recommended retainer. Embracing the new found freedom of your teeth, however, can bring consequences and it should be no surprise that dental relapses are fairly common. Thankfully, that is [...]

Get Straighter Teeth For 2013 In The City Of Dublin

Do you like to gamble a little bit? Keep the stakes high? Risk it all for fast gain? Okay, keep those answers in your head. Would you like to gamble on your teeth? …perhaps your answer changed there. Many fast-track and invisible orthodontic treatments are now available on the market, but the most reliable and [...]

Dental Crowns To Protect Weaker Teeth For Patients Near Foxrock

A dental crown may not be as decorative as the crown jewels, but it will certainly get more of an airing! Besides, subtlety is often more desirable than ornamentation when your protecting a weak or damaged tooth. What is a dental crown? Crowns are also known as caps, but essentially any form of hat or [...]