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Diet advice at Cabinteely Dental Care for patients from Dun Laoghaire

Maintaining a good level of dental health isn’t only about brushing your teeth morning and night, flossing and using mouthwash. Your diet can also have a significant impact on the state of your teeth and gums. If you are to maintain a good level of dental health, it is best to: Consume sugary foods and [...]

Patients from Monkstown seek help from Cabinteely Dental Care for discoloured teeth

As we age our teeth start to lose their natural whiteness – but there are other factors that can contribute to staining and discolouration. Smoking is one of the most common causes of discolouration, and it can lead to heavy yellow and brown staining. This can be difficult to shift through brushing and cleaning treatments. [...]

Patients from Carrickmines take advantage of metal braces at Cabinteely Dental Care

The term ‘fixed braces’ may fill you with fear and images of chunky, unsightly braces, but this is no longer the case. If you are in need of orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, Cabinteely Dental Care near Stillorgan provides a host of impressive treatments that can give you a beautiful, straight smile. Why would I [...]

Patients from Leopardstown choose dental health checks at Cabinteely Dental Care

Dental health checks are extremely important for good oral health. We advise our patients to attend for a check-up every 6 to 12 months, depending on oral health status. These help to keep dental health problems at bay, and also enable the dentist to spot early warning signs of oral health conditions. What does a [...]

Patients from Deansgrange learn about mouth cancer at Cabinteely Dental Care

Mouth cancer in the Ireland is an increasingly widespread problem, yet the majority of people are uninformed about its causes and symptoms. In recent years the government has teamed up with dental organisations and dental practices across the country, in order to try and raise awareness of mouth cancer and increase survival rates. What causes [...]

Put sensitive teeth in their place with a little help from Cabinteely Dental Care

Teeth can become sensitive when the tooth enamel erodes and the nerves become exposed. This can result from incorrect brushing technique, when bristles are too hard or even as a side-effect of whitening treatments. Tooth erosion may also be caused by sugars and acidic foods, some medications, poor oral hygiene and teeth grinding (bruxism). Symptoms [...]

Patients from Foxrock don’t need to fear a visit to Cabinteely Dental Care

It is well documented that many people feel anxious about going to the dentist. The very idea of sitting in a waiting room surrounded by the sights and sounds of the surgery can often be daunting, so much so that it can cause people to avoid the dentist altogether. At Cabinteely Dental Care near Foxrock [...]

Dental bridges and crowns at Cabinteely Dental Care in Dublin

There are many options available for people who have teeth that are damaged, weakened or missing. These include dental bridges and dental crowns, which are available at Cabinteely Dental Care, Dublin to our patients. Dental bridges Dental bridges have been used to fill gaps in the smile for many years with great success. There are [...]

Introducing your child to Cabinteely Dental Care in South Dublin

Most adults feel a degree of trepidation when confronted by a trip to the dentist. For children this fright can be even more intensified on their first visit, especially when greeted with the noise of the dentist drill. At Cabinteely Dental Care, South Dublin we aim to promote good oral health habits for children. Taking [...]

Cabinteely Dental Care inform patients from Dundrum about the dangers of Easter eggs

We all like a bit of chocolate. There’s no denying that. And we’re sure everyone will expect dentists to be killjoys when it comes to the topic of Easter eggs, but the fact is that eating a small amount of chocolate or sweet treats during the holidays is no problem at all – provided that [...]