Fixed braces

Fixed braces have long since been an effective treatment choice for straightening teeth, having managed to survive amid the glitz and glamour of the new breed of cosmetic braces, including Invisalign and 6 month smiles, thanks to its ability to treat complex cases and offer fantastic results.

What are fixed braces?

A fixed metal brace, is - as the name would suggest - a type of brace that is fixed to the teeth to ensure accurate tooth movement. When fixed braces are applied to the teeth you will not be able to remove them. Through the application of continuous pressure fixed braces will work to move teeth into the desired location, with treatment time varying according to the complexity of your individual case.

When a patient wears fixed braces they will be able to eat normally, but they are advised to stay away from sugar as this has a tendency to build up on the braces and cause rusting. Just like your own teeth cleaning a fixed brace is very important, but it is advised that you increase the number of times that you clean your teeth to three occasions a day. By looking after the brace and teeth you are adding to the overall effectiveness of the brace and helping it, not hindering.

What's the next step?

By booking in an appointment with one of the highly trained members of staff here at Cabinteely Dental Care in South Dublin, you can find out more about the treatment and discover if you are a suitable candidate.

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