6 month smiles

No matter how many times we see them on the silver screen, the Hollywood A-Listers always seem to look remarkably good. However, what you may not know is that many celebrities are now choosing to undergo cosmetic dental treatment, a growing trend owing to the level of discreetness and swift treatment times promised by modern and advanced techniques. One treatment in particular that is well-liked among the celebrities and patients in need of quick results is 6 month smiles.

What is 6 month smiles?

Used to treat issues relating to the teeth that show when you talk, smile and laugh, 6 month smiles can help in cases where crooked teeth or tooth gaps are present. At an affordable price, the wires used for 6 month smiles are tooth-coloured and therefore incredibly discreet, which is completely the opposite of the metallic train track braces which were used quite frequently when many of us were growing up.

Here in the UK, 6 month smiles is still a new form of treatment but across the Atlantic our American friends have taken to them extremely well and experienced a wealth of success. At Cabinteely Dental Care, we are delighted to offer patients 6 month smiles, a treatment that can put an end to the running joke in America that British people have bad teeth.

So what do I do next to find out more?

By arranging an appointment at Cabinteely Dental Care, you can find out more about the treatment and whether or not you are a suitable candidate to have your teeth transformed using 6 month smiles – a name that we believe speaks for itself. If you live in Dublin, all you need to do is call 01 235 4631 too book an appointment.

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