Mouthguards are able to perform a number of tasks nowadays. From providing that extra edge in sport to assisting with the issue of teeth grinding, mouthguards can make a marked difference to the lives of countless individuals. Mouthguards are also of excellent use in the protection of teeth, which, if not properly protected could incur severe damage and require emergency dental treatment. At Cabinteely Dental Care, we offer patients a selection of mouthguards to choose from.

Night Guards

Designed for those have a tendency to grind their teeth, this mouthguard is worn by the patient when they are asleep. Wearing a Night Guard not only allows the person to sleep safely but also ensures that the jaw muscles will not deteriorate as a result of this affliction.

Sports Mouthguards

If you play sports like bowls and croquet then you are unlikely to require this type of treatment, but for those who partake in aggressive, contact sports this is an ideal form of dental treatment. Sports guards literally provide a cushion around the teeth, so that if you get hit by a burly individual your teeth are going to be securely protected.

Professionally made IRFU standard sportsguards are available at Cabinteely Dental Care from €50. Just in time for back to school sports!

No Gumshield - No Game

We at Cabinteely Dental Care have welcomed the decision by the GAA to make it compulsory for players to wear mouthguards in football games and training. The recent GAA Congress passed a motion making it mandatory for juvenile players up to minor grade to wear mouthguards from the start of 2013. The rule will come into effect for senior players from the start of 2014.

To celebrate this announcement we at Cabinteely Dental Care are offering our patient's a special on mouthguards- Buy one get second half price in a full array of colours.

Essex retainers

Consisting of clear plastic of an extremely strong nature, Essex retainers work to keep teeth in place when you sleep. It is also advised that you wear the retainer for around four hours when you are awake. Though this may sound like a lot, the Essex retainers are of optimum comfort and will ensure the alignment of your teeth for the future. After any orthodontic treatment it is almost always recommended that you wear a retainer.

For further information about the selection of mouthguards available at Cabinteely Dental Care, please get in contact with our friendly and hospitable team in Dublin today.

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