Teeth Whitening

No matter how many cups of tea and coffee we drink, there is no getting away from the fact that extensive consumption of these beverages will have a negative effect on the natural colour of our teeth. The act of smoking will also greatly diminish the pearly whites we were born with. However, if you find that you are currently suffering from the yellow effect there is help at hand through teeth whitening products.

In-surgery Zoom

An impressive product, In-Surgery Zoom is one of the quickest types of whitening around. With the results of applying this product evident in under an hour, the procedure of applying the formula is also straightforward. After a short preparation of the lips and gums to ensure safety, the gel is applied to the teeth and then activated like a dental battery with the help of a specialised light.

Patient home kits

The possibility that you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home is a prospect that is surely too good to be true, or at least it was. Patient home whitening kits consist of a tray which is bespoke according to your own teeth. Once the teeth whitening gel is put into one of these trays, the tray itself is then held up to the patients mouth for around thirty minutes. Doing so allows for the effects to be fully maximised so that within a matter of days or weeks the results will be there for all to see, with your teeth changing shades by at least several lighter colours.

This sounds ideal for me. What do I do?

By booking an appointment with one of the friendly Cabinteely Dental Care team, located in South Dublin, you will be able to find out more information about teeth whitening products and any other additional services you may be interested in.

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