Throughout the duration of our lives, we can experience a number of encounters that are bad for the health of our teeth. This may be a result of unforeseen events or a lack of something as simple as a good oral hygiene routine, but if the end result is missing teeth then this can have a devastating effect on how we live our lives. For such cases, a dental bridge is an excellent treatment choice to restore your smile to its former splendour.



Conventional fixed bridge

Not the most commonly known dental treatment around, a conventional fixed bridge acts as a replacement for your teeth and is cemented to the adjacent natural teeth. By anchoring a dental bridge into the missing tooth area, through the use of crowns on the teeth either side of the offending tooth, no one will be the wiser that your tooth is not real. This type of bridge is ideal for those who have a small number of teeth missing. The conventional fixed bridge will be custom-made according to the shape of your mouth and teeth, in order to make sure it looks natural and attracts no unwanted attention.


Named after the area in America where it was designed, a Maryland Bridge has two wings either side of it and acts as a false tooth. Once the Maryland Bridge is put in place, the two wings are placed behind the teeth either side so that the patient has a perfect tooth replacement. The results and healthy impact a Maryland Bridge will have on your teeth can not be underestimated, filling up a tooth gap that is likely to have plagued you for some time.

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