Dental Veneers

The look of our teeth is extremely important to us. Over time, however, our teeth can come under a great deal of strain and incur damage or attain a nasty discoloured look, which puts many of us off smiling or being at ease in social situations. When such a problem arises there are now many ways forward for you to improve the appearance of your teeth, including dental veneers available here at Cabinteely Dental Care.

Custom-made so that they can be adapted to each patient, veneers are designed to provide a thin covering over teeth and are similar to the thinking behind false fingernails. The reason why a patient may need this done can range from their tooth/teeth having become cracked, or the colour of teeth changing from their natural tone to a yellow one. Veneers are made of porcelain, which means that even though they are thin they are incredibly strong. There are also several other versions of veneers.

Patient of the practice before

Patient of the practice after veneers


Just like veneers but made of even stronger material, Lumineers are only 2 millimetres thick. Even if you decide to choose Lumineers, you need not worry that they will be visible by others as you will hardly notice them yourself.

Da Vinci Veneers

Made by the Da Vinci Laboratory in California, this trusted brand has proven itself time after time to create high quality veneers, which are known to last longer than their competitors. Being thinner to traditional veneers, this only adds to further customer satisfaction. Da Vinci Veneers have also featured in the hit television series "Hollywood Smile makeover", which has helped spread the positive and helpful service that this product provides.

The next step

If you are currently looking for veneer treatment in Cabinteely, South Dublin and you are not sure which way to turn or what product to choose, feel free to contact one of the team here at Cabinteely Dental Care to be given the most relevant and dedicated advice.

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