Dental Crowns

If your tooth should become weakened over time, then treatment through the use of a dental crown may be required. These are tooth restorations with the aim of protecting damaged, cracked or teeth which have simply broken down over time. There are several forms of dental crowns, all of which the team here at Cabinteely Dental Care are aptly trained in the use of. A crown will act as the cover to damaged teeth, precision made to work comfortably with your bite and ensure stability.

CEREC Crowns

Crowns in just one visit

At Cabinteely Dental Care we are proud to announce we are one of the 16 clinics in the whole of Ireland with Cerec digital computerized technology. This modern technology allows us to restore decayed teeth, place crowns or remove defective amalgam filling in just one appointment.

We use the camera to take a digital picture of your prepared tooth. This picture is used instead of traditional impressions trays. This means no more discomfort for our patients waiting for the impression material to set. The computer and Cerec 3D software converts the digital picture to a three dimensional virtual model of your prepared tooth. We then design your restoration right on the screen using the software while you wait and watch. It is then milled and polished. We then simply bond it into place with no need for you to wait for two to three weeks with a temporary.

Patient of the Practice Before Cerec Crown

Patient of the Practice After Cerec Crown

Patient of the Practice Before Cerec Crown

Patient of the Practice After Cerec Crown

Porcelain crowns

These can be used for a number of reasons to treat a variety of dental ailments, including teeth that are crooked, broken or to assist in dental implant treatment. Porcelain crowns are able to provide aesthetically pleasing results, as they are able to achieve the most natural cosmetic look.

Post and core crowns

Usually applied to a patient after they have received root canal treatment, post and core crowns are applied to add support to a tooth so that this treatment can have its success rate increased further. Not all post and core crowns are the same due to the different sizes of the tooth which are operated on so each crown is custom-made.

Procera crowns

Procera crowns consist of stronger material which means that they will last longer than if the patient decided to have a regular crown.

Crown lengthening

Carried out when a filling or crown needs to be applied and access to the tooth in question is limited, the dentist removes gum tissue or/and bone to expose more of the tooth. This procedure is done under local anaesthetic, with treatment time depending on the number of teeth being treated.

If you require crown treatment then please contact the team at Cabinteely Dental Care in South Dublin to discuss your dental needs.

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