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Foods and Drinks that Stain the Teeth of Patients from South Dublin and How to Remove Them

It is incredibly important to be aware of what foods you eat, as many may be causing tooth decay, gum disease and sensitivity in the mouths of many patients from South Dublin. The Usual Suspects Several popular drinks, such as tea and coffee, are particularly common offenders, with black tea being one especially nasty customer. [...]

Patients from Foxrock with Severe Tooth Misalignment can Find the Ideal Treatment with Fixed Braces

For many patients their orthodontic problems are too severe for treatment with aligner systems such as invisible aligners or the Inman Aligner, but this needn’t mean they can never have the smile of their dreams. How fixed braces can help. Patients from Foxrock who suffer with complex orthodontic cases that involve twisted teeth, severe misalignment, [...]

The ‘Invisible’ Braces for Adult Orthodontic Patients from Monkstown

Invisible braces are the most innovative development in orthodontics, helping adult patients achieve the perfect smile without the need for noticeable fixed wires and brackets. One of the most innovative of these brace system is invisible aligners, a pioneer of the clear aligner orthodontic system. What are invisible aligners and is it for me? The [...]

Patients from Carrickmines can have Beautiful Smiles in No Time with Porcelain Veneers

People with heavily stained teeth, tooth chips and worn teeth can all benefit from the cosmetic enhancement of porcelain veneers. What are Porcelain Veneers? Porcelain veneers are known as the ‘false nails’ of the cosmetic dentistry world, as they sit over the surface of a damaged or stained tooth masking any problems you may have. [...]

Perfect Teeth with Six Month Smiles for Patients from Leopardstown Looking for Straight Teeth in Six Months or Less

In today’s fast paced world we want everything to be done quickly and efficiently and the same is now required from our orthodontic treatments. This why a revolutionary cosmetic dentistry technique called Six Month Smiles was created, helping patients from Leopardstown straightened their crooked smiles in six months or less. Why have Six Month Smiles? [...]

Different Methods of Teeth Whitening for Patients from Stillorgan

It is true that certain everyday food and drinks that we consume cause the natural whiteness in our teeth to disappear. Whether it is our everyday morning brew, our love of red wine, or the bad habit of smoking, all these things contribute to the staining and discolouration of our teeth. This can lead to [...]

Oral Hygiene and Check-ups to Keep Patients from Deansgrange Smiling Happily for Years

To ensure that your teeth and mouth remain healthy, patients from Deansgrange should visit the dentist twice a year for a check-up and mouth maintenance service. A dentist can look at your teeth in greater detail and with state of the art technological advancements will be able to spot the first signs of any issues [...]

Mouthguards for All Round Protection for Patients from Cabinteely

Mouthguards can be used for a number of reasons, from protection during contact sport to treating the pain of teeth grinding. Here at Cabinteely Dental care we offer a range of mouth guards to suit individual patient’s needs, which includes: Nightguards Many people suffer from teeth grinding for a number of reasons, with anxiety and [...]

The Importance of a Fixed Retainer After Brace Treatment for Patients from Foxrock

Brace Treatment Aftercare When you have had Orthodontic treatment you know that it often takes a lot of time and money to achieve the perfect results you want. You may have spent a long time wearing braces, with time, effort and money all spent to achieve your ideal appearance. So, why let all that hard [...]

Patients in Dublin can Achieve a Film Star Look from Cabinteely Dental Care

We offer a great range of dental treatments here at Cabinteely Dental Care for our patients in Dublin, but did you know that we also offer the fantastic facial rejuvenation results of Botox? Most people have heard about Botox because of the fantastic facial rejuvenation results it offers and because of the numerous famous people [...]