Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth are incredibly important to us. They not only break down hardened bits of food which taste incredibly good, but if they are properly looked after thanks to cleaning them twice a day and flossing, they will be able to assist you in making that great first impression. However, one dental procedure which you might need at some point in your life is root canal treatment.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

The reason why you may need root canal treatment is extensive and not entirely pleasant. This could be down to tooth decay or when one or two silver fillings start to leak. When this occurs bacteria enters the mouth and can affect the pulp of your teeth. The pulp is the soft tissue found at the centre of your tooth, which include both blood vessels and nerves, and if bacteria should begin to affect the pulp then it will gradually die. The bacteria will eventually leave your tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are found, but this then opens the floodgates for further bacteria to enter your mouth.

Treatment infection

If you do require treatment in the root canal area of your mouth, then the bacteria will need to be stopped in its tracks. This can be done by removing the tooth or, preferably, trying to eradicate the present bacteria. When any root canal treatment is carried out, local anaesthesia is used so you will not feel any pain at all. Once the bacteria is gone and infection removed, the root canal is filled and the tooth sealed with a crown or filling. After root canal treatment, a tooth can survive for several years.

Root canal treatment need not be as horrific as you imagined. By asking one of Cabinteely Dental Care's helpful and highly trained professionals about this procedure your fears can quelled completely.

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