Dental implants

As children our milk teeth fall out as part of a natural process to make way for adult teeth to come through. These adult teeth then need to last us a lifetime, done so by caring for them through proper diet and oral healthcare, but tooth loss can still become an issue for some. In such instances, dental implant treatment may become necessary, which is a treatment that acts as the root portion of your tooth and one that is fast becoming a favourite amongst patients because of its long-lasting results.

Implant surgery

If an implant is needed, surgery will be required for the tooth to be fitted properly. Before any implant surgery, an X-Ray or CT scan will be taken as this allows for a complete three dimensional picture of your mouth, which will be used to determine if implant treatment is plausible and ensure the treatment process runs smoothly. Surgery will then commence under the comfort of local anaesthesia, in order to ensure the patient is comfortable. The safety of dental implant surgery is very good as it is a commonly carried out procedure.

Implant restoration

If the tooth becomes dislodged and it needs replacing, additional surgery will be needed. The gum itself will be exposed as will the implant post. The abutment, which is the metal connector that holds the implant in place, is then twisted so it becomes firm for the implant to work to its maximum potential.

Implant retained dentures

Unlike traditional false teeth, which are taken out of the mouth and put in a glass of water at night, implant retained dentures cannot be easily removed like their previous concoctions because they are surgically attached to your jawbone, just as your natural teeth once were. Although these dentures aren't suitable for everyone, as the jawbone to be used might not be strong enough to support having them physically attached, it is certainly an option worth considering for greater stability.

Dental implants provide comfort and offer a suitable service for those who require them. Our highly qualified team at Cabinteely Dental Care in Dublin will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment and determine if you are a suitable candidate.

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