In recent times, there have been several new treatments that have entered the teeth straightening arena, but one that has caught the eye of patient and dentist alike is Clearstep, the completely clear aligner. At Cabinteely Dental Care, we understand that most patients don't want to have to wear bulky, metal braces, which is why we offer discreet options like Clearstep. This is an excellent treatment choice for patients who want desirable results, but do not want to attract the social stigma of wearing a brace.

How do they work?

Helping you to achieve the perfect smile you've always dreamt of, Clearstep braces use advanced technology which is practically naked to the human eye. Through the use of clear positioners, not unlike some mouth guards, the thin positioners will be worn for two weeks at a time so that they gently nudge your teeth in the right direction. Unlike other types of braces, they do not affect your speech so those around you will not start to wonder why your voice has changed all of a sudden. What's more, because the positioners are removable, oral hygiene is made simple and you can enjoy meal times without the nuisance of braces getting in the way.

The next step for you

By arranging an appointment with one of the friendly team here at Cabinteely Dental Care in South Dublin, you can learn more about the many benefits to Clearstep technology and whether it is the right option for you.

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