Modern Fixed Braces And Their Benefits For Patients Near Ballsbridge

Fixed braces have a bad reputation, but they have been creating beautiful, healthy looking smile for decades. Fixed braces, as the name suggests, are fixed to the teeth. They are made from brackets and wires and they remain in place until treatment is complete.

Many people still believe that fixed braces are bulky, unsightly and uncomfortable, but the reality is that fixed braces have come a very long way and they are much lighter, finer and more discreet than they used to be. You can now choose from a range of different colours, you can opt for tooth-coloured braces or you try one of the new, innovative fixed brace treatments on the market, such as Damon braces or 6 Month Smiles.

Who can benefit from fixed brace treatment?

Fixed braces are suitable for almost all orthodontic patients and they are often the best treatment for patients with more complex orthodontic needs because they can produce a lot of movement. Fixed braces take a little getting used to, but so do all orthodontic appliances and any discomfort will soon subside.

Fixed braces are the best option for patients who want guaranteed results, as the success of removable appliances depends heavily on the individual patient and their commitment to wearing the brace.

Fixed braces are suitable for a wide range of orthodontic issues, including overcrowding, underbite, overbite, overjet (protruding front teeth) and spaces between the teeth.

If you would like to find out more about fixed braces and they could help you to get a gorgeous, healthy, straight smile, contact Cabinteely Dental Care near Ballsbridge today!

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