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Dental examinations are very important to maintain overall health. Examinations are recommended every 6 months. Regular appointments can help in the early detection of tooth decay and prevention of gum disease.


Fillings are a way to restore damaged, broken or decayed teeth. There are two types of filling materials used: amalgam fillings or tooth-coloured fillings. Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of metals. These fillings are extremely durable and have a longer life span. Tooth-coloured fillings are made from a resin - these are a natural looking alternative. These fillings can be made virtually undetectable.

No one type of filling will suit every patient: it will be determined by a number of criteria such as the location of the filling and the extent of the repair. Your dentist will suggest what type of filling will be best for you.


Crowns are natural looking, non-removable covers that fit over the tooth, and are permanently cemented into place. They look like and have the function of a normal tooth, and in many cases can improve the appearance. They are used to prevent further destruction of the tooth when the tooth is fractured, broken or when a large filling is in place.

In many cases after root canal treatment, a crown will be suggested to protect the fragile tooth.


Bridges are a conservative way of replacing missing teeth without the use of a denture. They are non-removable. The best candidate for a bridge would be a patient with one or two missing teeth. A bridge allows the gap to be filled with artificial teeth that are anchored to the teeth on both sides for strong support.


Veneers are a thin cover that can be placed on top of the natural tooth. They are custom-made and can camouflage broken /crooked teeth, fill gaps, straighten teeth and correct permanently stained teeth. They are quite conservative and not a lot of the natural tooth will be altered in the preparation for the veneer. They will protray a natural, bright smile.

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