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The two major dental diseases are tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis) both of these diseases are caused by bacterial plaque which forms constantly on our teeth and gums. This plaque is the main cause of bleeding gums and is also one of the biggest causes of bad breath. All dental diseases are preventible if they are caught on time but the early signs of gum disease can be painless and often go unnoticed however if left un treated it can cause painful loosening of the teeth.

When you visit our hygienists, as well as a thorough scale and polish you will receive valuable information and instruction on how to prevent dental problems recuring particularly those associated with gum disease. Our main aim is to get your mouth really healthy and to help you keep it that way as this gives you the best chance of keeping your teeth for life.  The hygienist will work with you to find simple measures to prevent plaque build up and thus prevent disease. We believe in consistency and continuity of care,  our patients are very happy with this approach and feel very well cared for.

Our hygienists provide an extremely important service to our patients and play a crucial role in our practice to help our patients maintain good oral hygiene and play a large role in preventative dentistry.

Our hygienists

Grace Smyth O'Brien RDH

Grace qualified with a reccomendation from the prestigious Eastman Dental Instituite in London, she has over 12 years experience and has worked in practices in Londons Harley street, Sydney and Toronto.  We are very proud of our preventitive Dentistry in Cabinteely Dental Care and our Hygienists play a key role in this.

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