Patients from Foxrock with Severe Tooth Misalignment can Find the Ideal Treatment with Fixed Braces

For many patients their orthodontic problems are too severe for treatment with aligner systems such as Invisalign or the Inman Aligner, but this needn’t mean they can never have the smile of their dreams.

How fixed braces can help.

Patients from Foxrock who suffer with complex orthodontic cases that involve twisted teeth, severe misalignment, pronounced overbites and other serious orthodontic problems can find the solution they need with fixed braces.

Fixed braces may not be as aesthetically pleasing as clear aligners, but they can complete the job of tooth movement a great deal better and a great deal quicker. Your fixed brace with provide constant treatment throughout the time you wear it, able to provide tooth movement for every tooth in your mouth, not just the ones you see when you smile. Moving the whole mouth will create a better bite and a better facial appearance, bringing balance and symmetry to your smile and face.

Oral hygiene for fixed brace wearers

Your new smile will soon be in place, but you wouldn’t want to ruin the big reveal with teeth damaged by decay and staining. This is why it is so important for anyone wearing a fixed brace to clean their teeth thoroughly and invest in special brushes and floss to help them clean their teeth, brackets and wires correctly. This will mean that your smile will be stunning, white and straight once your braces have been removed.

Fixed braces have been used for many, many years and are a great device to help those with complex orthodontic problems find the smile they always dreamed of.

Discuss you orthodontic problem with one of the friendly Cabinteely Dental Care practitioners, who can help you find the right brace treatment for your specific orthodontic condition.

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