The ‘Invisible’ Braces for Adult Orthodontic Patients from Monkstown

Invisible braces are the most innovative development in orthodontics, helping adult patients achieve the perfect smile without the need for noticeable fixed wires and brackets. One of the most innovative of these brace system is Invisalign, a pioneer of the clear aligner orthodontic system.

What is Invisalign and is it for me?

The Invisalign treatment is comprised of a series of clear aligners, which are replaced every two weeks with a new aligner that is a slightly different fit to the one before. This gradual change of aligners helps move the teeth gently and effectively and, as the aligners are made from clear plastic, discreetly.

Your aligner will be made from your specific dental impressions and from imagines taken of your mouth and teeth.

Patients from Monkstown who are looking to treat problems such as misalignment, tooth gaps, twisted teeth, crooked teeth and overbites may be able to find the treatment they need with the Invisalign system.

What are the other benefits of Invisalign?

As Invisalign aligners are removable you are able to eat and brush your teeth without the usual concerns over dental hygiene. Fixed braces trap plaque and food debris, which then rests against the surface of the tooth causing tooth decay. This doesn’t happen with Invisalign aligners, as you are able to take them out during mealtimes, so no food becomes stuck and you can soak them in retainer cleaner and clean the entire surface of your teeth with ease.

Also, as Invisalign braces do not require dental cement to attach them to your teeth, so you will not cause any damage to the front of your teeth, which can occur with fixed brace treatments.

If you have any questions concerning the Invisalign treatment please feel free to get in touch with use by calling or emailing the clinic.

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